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Deep Tissue Massages a via home 

A powerful tool for melting tension

Swedish massages are the classic relaxing massage, making use of long flowing strokes to help you unwind, while deep tissue massages work the deeper musculature to promote healing and recovery. By combining these two modalities together, I can alleviate chronic muscle tension, improve flexibility and induce deep relaxation all in one treatment.

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Harness the healing power of Swedish deep tissue massages today.

Building on the time-honoured foundations of the traditional Swedish massages, my deep tissue massages a via home target the fascia, musculature and connective tissue to work away accumulated tension and knots that can cause stiffness and pain. The benefits of this approach include:

a man receiving a deep tissue massage from a masseuse


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Improved circulation throughout the body, with the renewed blood flow also bringing restorative oxygen and nutrients to help aid recovery.

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Enhanced sports performance via the improvements in your flexibility and ability to recover, both for casual exercise enthusiasts and athletes alike.

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A drastic reduction in stress chemicals like cortisol that can similarly affect performance and health, thanks to the relaxing nature of the long rhythmic strokes.



I offer  deep tissue massages in further afield through my home visit service.

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