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Facial Acupuncture a via home

Embrace the restorative power of a collagen-powered facelift

A holistic and entirely natural approach to skincare, the ancient practice of facial acupuncture goes beyond temporary fixes.

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Ready for a 100% natural facelift?

This treatment works by stimulating specific acupoints in the face and neck to harness the body's own healing mechanisms. By inserting thin and sterile needles into these precise locations, facial acupuncture aims to:

a woman undergoing a facial acupuncture procedure


a green fern-like plant with leaves on both sides of the stem

Stimulate collagen and elastin production, the body's building blocks of youthful skin. The micro-traumas induced by the needs prompts the body to send healing nutrients and collagen-producing cells to the area, resulting in firmer and smoother skin with a healthy glow to match.

a plant with ovular leaves on each side of the stem

Enhanced circulation, which helps to improve skin tone and texture, minimise the appearance of blemishes and reduce puffiness.

a plant with thin pointed leaves similar to a willow tree

Reduce the visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.



If you're curious about the benefits of facial acupuncture, I highly encourage you to schedule a consultation.
We will discuss your individual concerns, your skincare goals and determine if facial acupuncture would be the right approach for you.

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