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Thai massage a via home

Advanced massage treatments for elevated relaxation

While a classic relaxation massage can certainly melt away stress, there is a whole world of specialised massage techniques for elevated relaxation waiting to be explored. Drawing on my years of expertise and training, I offer specialist physio and massage designed to target specific concerns and improve your mood and health alike.

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Step into a new world of relaxation.

Whether you're looking to holistically heal your body, improve your overall mental clarity or reap the benefits of improved flexibility, I offer a range of specialist massage techniques for just about every need. These include:

a woman having a relaxing hot stone massage on her back


a green fern-like plant with leaves on both sides of the stem

Japanese shiatsu massages, which involves the application of pressure on specific points of the both to promote energy flow and balance to relieve pain and reduce tension.

a plant with ovular leaves on each side of the stem

Thai massages, a unique blend of massage therapy and yoga to improve your flexibility, range of motion and energy levels.

a plant with thin pointed leaves similar to a willow tree

Hot stone massages, which use the gentle warmth of heated basalt to enhance the relaxation, soothe sore muscles, improve circulation and ease tension.



Unsure which massage treatment would benefit you the most? Each treatment I offer can be fully customised and tweaked to address your individual body, preference and needs.

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