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Wet Cupping and Dry Cupping

An ancient tool for detoxification

Used for centuries and trusted by millions throughout history, wet cupping harnesses both suction and the body's natural healing abilities to draw out impurities.

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Unlock the body's healing potential with the power of dry or wet cupping.

During a dry or wet  cupping session, small sterile cups are applied to specific areas of the skin to create a vacuum. This serves to draw localised tissues, fluids and toxins towards the surface of the skin, which are then drawn out with a tiny incision. Not only is this virtually painless, the procedure serves to:

a person with wet cupping vacuum cups on their back


a green fern-like plant with leaves on both sides of the stem

Detoxify the body and eliminate waste products accumulated within the body's tissues.

a plant with ovular leaves on each side of the stem

Boost the immune system by increasing blood circulation and stimulating the activity of white blood cells, the body's natural defence against pathogens. 

a plant with thin pointed leaves similar to a willow tree

Relax the body and mind, which on top of being deeply pleasant can contribute to pain relief from conditions like muscle tension, headaches and chronic pain.



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