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Silky smooth skin for long-lasting confidence

Intense pulsed light offers a long-lasting solution to hair removal for those who are tired of painful waxing or endless shaving. Instead of tackling surface-level hairs, IPL works by disrupting the growth cycle of hair directly at the root for significant long-term reductions.

Everything starts with an in-depth consultation about your needs and goals.

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Ready to embrace smooth, hair-free skin?

While most people might think of expensive lasers when they think of hair removal, IPL offers a unique number of benefits including:

a bearded man undergoing a hair removal procedure on his nech and beard area


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Suitability for a wide range of skin types; your skin types will be assessed during the initial consultation, allowing me to tailor the treatment plan accordingly.

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Quick and near-painless treatments, with the most sensation being a slight warming sensation akin to being out in the sun.

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Effective and long-lasting hair removal at a far more affordable price when compared to laser hair removal.



I hold a level 4 qualification in laser and light hair removal from VCTC, which means you are safe and  more effective hands if you're looking for long-lasting hair removal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below. 

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