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Science-backed treatments for lasting beauty


True beauty isn't just about looking good, but how confident you feel in your own skin.

While there's plenty that can be addressed with regular exercise, healthy eating and dedicated time to destress and relax, some physical concerns require a more direct approach to deliver real results. That's why, in addition to providing health services as a physio and massage, dry or wet cupping a via home for  you and all your Family 

 I also offer a range of minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments designed to address the most common physical insecurities that both men and women can face.






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Liposuction Treatments – Targeted Fat Relief

Sculpting your ideal body shape is a lot like sculpting a statue – Sometimes you need to use a chisel.

Liposuction at SAAM Therapy acts as a chisel for your body by specifically targeting those stubborn fat deposits that exercise and diet can't seem to shake. Each treatment is specifically designed around your existing body shape and, more importantly, your goals, helping you to achieve the result you're looking for.


  • Eliminate stubborn body fat – for good
  • Improve your body contours and proportions
  • Boost your self-confidence and body image

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IPL Hair Removal – Long-Lasting Smoothness
for All Skin Types

Tired of the endless cycle of shaving and waxing? Enter Intense Pulsed Light hair removal.

IPL hair removal is uniquely gentle on even the most sensitive of skin while tackling hair growth right at the follicle for long-lasting hair removal without damaging the surrounding skin. This makes it just as effective on the face as it is your legs, back or stomach, all while making razor bumps or ingrown hairs a thing of the past.


  • Permanently reduce hair growth right at the source
  • Quick and virtually painless
  • Creates smooth and hair-free skin practically anywhere on the body?

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Anti-Cellulite – Firmer and Smoother Skin

Cellulite is one of the most common skin concerns in the UK, but fortunately there are a number of ways to treat it.

My team and I specialise in targeting cellulite, using a wide range of methodologies, techniques and technologies depending on your particular situation. Whether we decide on a massage-centric approach to gently break down cellulite deposits or stimulate skin tightness with radiofrequency therapy, you can be sure of a visible difference to your skin texture and firmness.


  • Tailored solutions depending on your body
  • Visibly improved skin texture and tone
  • Enhanced body contour

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Everyone deserves a confidence boost

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Why choose me for liposuction, cellulite treatments and hair removal a via Home?


Years of Expertise
and Exceptional Results

As a dedicated cosmetic professional with a proven track record, I am genuinely passionate about helping people feel more confident and relaxing a via home . Whatever your goals or needs, I'm confident I have the experience needed to get you there.

A Tailored Approach
to Each Client

No two bodies, goals or medical histories are the same, so there is no such thing as a one-size fits all solution. Each element of my treatments is built from the ground up around your unique needs and desired outcomes for beauty that is completely and authentically you.

A Cutting-Edge Clinic a via home 


My commitment to excellence extends beyond my experience and qualifications a via home itself. I offer a range of state-of-the-art treatment  and equipment, ensuring your safety, comfort and above all the best possible results.






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Experience the difference a qualified hand and gentle touch to make to your wellbeing

Should you have anything you wish to clarify before you book a session with a physio and massage, dry or wet cupping a via home don't hesitate to reach out via 07577088230, info@saamtherapy.co.uk or with my contact form.

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