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My story with beauty and healing, and how I can help you

Informed by a diverse skillset, an education that spans some of the world's most renowned centres for massage therapy and the latest innovations in the field, my approach to cosmetics and physio and massage is rooted both in time-tested methods and modern technologies. 

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Where Experience Meets Holistic Care

SAAM Therapy stands as the culmination of over 24 years of therapy experience, thousands of hours of learning and a genuine drive to help others achieve optimal physical and mental health.

This ensures that I can offer a truly holistic experience that takes care of both your functional concerns and aesthetic desires.



Let's work together to make your stress and tension a thing of the past.

Schedule a session with a qualified beauty physio and massage & dry or wet cupping today. Should you have any questions, please get in touch at 07577088230 or email :  info@saamtherapy.co.uk.

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My experience and expertise for all things physio and massage & dry or wet cupping a via home

At the core of my practice lies a deep commitment to client care.

If you visit my website, it is because there is an issue you want to address. Maybe you're overwhelmed with stress from work and need a little space to look after yourself; maybe an illness has left you with chronic back pain; maybe you're feeling self-conscious about a certain body part and want to do something about it.


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Tailored Care in a Supportive Environment

Everybody who comes to SAAM Therapy has a story, and I make sure I give each and every one its due. More than allowing me to tailor the treatment to your exact needs and specifications, this helps to foster a comfortable and supportive environment where you can feel at ease and looked after.


This approach is backed up by a range of accreditations, including:


 VTCT Level 4 ,Level 3 Diploma knowledge of Anatomy, physiology, and pathology for complementary therapies , Completed the Aesthetic Cosmetic

Qualified on  Dry or Wet Cupping 


Massage Nama-Lithuania Certificate



Certificate of Training in Trio Smooth Freeze Diode - 3 Wavelength Laser Machine Face & Body Treatments


Diploma  in Massage Therapy


VCTC Level 4 in Laser and Light Treatments for Hair reduction





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Have any questions about my experience or qualifications?

I'd be happy to answer them – Just email me at info@saamtherapy.co.uk or please  call me on 07577088230.

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Exceptional Communication

Any treatment, be it a simple back massage or a more complicated laser hair removal procedure, is a two-way relationship. That's why I prioritise clear communication at every stage of the procedure, putting you in control and making sure you feel heard and understood.

Experience Across Age Groups

My 24 years of experience has seen me carry out all manner of treatments for people of all age groups. I make sure to tailor my approach to address the specific needs and challenges faced by each demographic, all while they feel respected and valued.

Multilingual Expertise

I am fluent in English, Azeri, Farsi, Japanese , Lithuanian,  allowing me to provide outstanding treatments to all manner of people.







My message to you

Thank you for stopping by.

I'm very happy that you're considering investing in your physical and mental health. Whether you're seeking relaxation, rejuvenation or both, I'm sure I can help. I hope i see you  in the comfort of your own home soon.

Ready to feel you best?

I am  conveniently located in Enfield, from which I offer a one-stop solution to all things health and beauty. For added convenience, I also offer remote massage therapy and  dry or wet cupping for clients a via home for all family within a 9-mile .

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Your local physio and massage , dry or wet cupping  for all your family , I am  always  here for  to help you manage pain,
relieve tension and relax 
mentally and physically 

I'm here to help if you have any questions. You can reach me using my contact form, by calling 07577088230 or by emailing info@saamtherapy.co.uk.

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